Three Brothers Bakery

Three Brothers Bakery

Three Brothers Bakery is one of the premier Kosher Bakeries in Houston, Texas and our featured baker here at Family owned and operated by the Jucker Family; their Eastern European family owned recipes have been passed on for five generations. You're sure to be in for a treat if Three Brothers Bakery handles your baking.

Three Brothers Bakery pecan pie has been chosen "...the best America has to offer..." by Country Living Magazine. Their Pecan Pie has definately earned the title of a Signature Pie. Read more...

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Three Brothers Bakery Signature Pies

We beat our eggs to a light and fluffy texture, whip in the sugar and shortening, and then add the syrup, vanilla, salt, and flour to create the rich pecan pie filling.

We fill each pie shell with pecans and then pour our scrumptious filling into the shell. As the crust becomes golden brown the pecans will float to the top, the filling will start to become firm and tasty.

The Pecans are from Texas and the surrounding areas, and we only use whole pecans in our pecan pie – not the small pieces. These pecans are bursting with a crunchy mouthwatering taste.

Additionally, the pecan pies, including the chocolate pecan pies, from Three Brothers Bakery are non-dairy, so those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy our pies throughout the year.

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Pecans are a rich source of up to 19 vitamins and minerals. So don't feel guilty when enjoying this sinfully delicous and nutritious snack. Three Brothers even offers a Chocolate Pecan version of their pie. Percect for those that want a little something chocolaty to satisfy their taste buds.

So make your Holidays Special and give these pies a try !