Mission Statement

Every Baker always brags about their “Signature Pies” and other special, unique, celebration/seasonal/holiday products. SignaturePies.com is dedicated to showcasing Bakers from around the world. From Grandmother’s kitchens in Texas to world class Bakeries, we know you will find SignaturePies.com a valuable resource when in need of a Signature Pie or other special, unique seasonal baked products.

SignaturePies.com is proudly sponsored by and affiliated with PersonalBoxes.com. Make sure to check out PersonalBoxes.com for unique wooden handmade customizable Pie Boxes. A Personal Box is the perfect complement to a Signature Pie. And, your personalization of this unique gift makes it perfect for friends, family, loved ones, business associates, investors, employees, vendors, or other important relationships. The perfect holiday, birthday or special occasion gift. A much more practical and appreciated gift than flowers. The best way to say I Love You, You're Special, You're Appreciated, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, etc. is with a Signature Pie in a Personal Box.

All of PersonalBoxes.com Pie Boxes are handmade in the USA. Pie Boxes come in both Pine and Texas Cedar. Each Pie Box proudly bears the seal of our Craftsman’s Mark and is hand signed by the individual Craftsman.

All of the Bakers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just let us know.

To insure freshness all Pies and other baked goods are shipped directly from the Baker's oven to you. Please get your Holiday orders in early as some of our smaller Bakers will reach their baking capacity. Ever been to a small town bakery around 2:00pm in the afternoon to find a sign on the front door that says "Sorry, sold out".

The economy has been brutal on small family owned businesses. When you purchase through SignaturePies.com you are touching the grass roots of America. Together we stimulate the economy by supporting these small family owned businesses. Bakers are one of the oldest professions in the world and an American tradition. Get to know our Bakers, their stories and their lives. All Bakers have one thing is common, they are very proud of their recipes and strive to impress you with their Signature Pies. Our Bakers also include a personal handwritten note (per your instructions) with each Pie.